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A sexual ritual consisting of multiple men blowing their loads on some trick ass beeyotch.
I went to my friend's house for a party, and wound up getting in on a hell of a jizz fest with this drunk bitch.
by Mr. North April 27, 2006
Penis. Cock. the male sex organ.
During a high speed doggie style with my girfriend, I pulled out my goo cannon and hosed her down with jizz until she looked like a glazed doughnut.
by Mr. North April 27, 2006
A derogatory term used to describe the rotten filthy vagina of a slutty bitch.

A disgusting piece of snatch.

A pussy that has been used-up and worn-out so badly, that any cock placed inside of it will surely perish.
"Hey Frog, what the fuck is that smell?"..."Well, I think stephanie passed out in the corner with her legs open, and the funk from her meat casket is wafting through the room."

"Hey Chris, you should go in the bedroom and get a piece of ass from Sherry. She is fucking everyone tonight!"..."Man, there is no way I am sticking my cock into that meat casket of hers."
by Mr. North March 27, 2009
A meal containing an excessively high content of beef, and makes you feel like you cannot get up without vomiting.
I went to Shawn's house the other night to watch the basketball game, and he grilled up these fucking Meat Anchors that are still lodged in my colon days later.
by Mr. North March 22, 2008
1) Loose flakes of skin that gently flitter to the ground when you remove your underwear. (Provided your nut sack is not currently excessively sweaty)

Sherry was on her knees preparing to give me a blowjob...when she snatched my underwear down she paused for a moment as Nad Flakes were seen shimmering in the light gently falling towards her face like snow.
by Mr. North April 18, 2009
A creamy serving of Man Juice. While it does not have to be served in a bowl, it does add to the splendor of the meal.
Last night after a toe-curling head job, I served my girlfriend a nice hot load of sack soup.
by Mr. North April 20, 2009
A derogatory term to describe merchandise produced in southeast asian countries. Usually uttered when describing a defective piece of merchandise. A cheap, poorly made item.
"Hey Russell, you seem to be having a hard time getting that decorative cover plate installed on that RAZR telephone."

"Yeah. I should never have bought this worthless piece of Yanganese shit!"

"Hey man, it's time for lunch...let go get Yanganese."
by Mr. North May 26, 2006
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