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A person who has assumed the role of celebrity among geek peers, but remains a nonentity to the rest of the world; most often through a high profile association with software or web based services that become particularly popular.
"That Marc Andreessen was a geekstar when he founded Netscape, but Bill Gates, well, people might aspire to his wealth, but nobody in their right mind would want to be him."
#geek star #geek-star #geek #nerd #fame #celebrity
by Rich Boakes November 30, 2005
a very tall guy with lazy eyes
Geek star is a freak star.
by Sally Sue March 03, 2005
An oxymoron: A person who is considered to be foolish, socially inept, and/or clumsy but at the same time many people like/appriciate/love them which is why Star is added to capture the celebrity like part of the term.
Original Meaning Of Geek: Fool
#geek #star #geeky #geekish #nerd
by WhoDoYouThinkItIs? September 05, 2009
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