High and Drunk and ready for anything. You aint scared a shit when you geeked up.
"said im geeked up then a muhfuckin right now, i'll shoot a nigga dead in his shit right now"
by Yung Tune January 07, 2008
To be high on crack & weed rolled in a blunt(referred to as a geek) when smoked it makes your heart race and makes you paranoid leading to the term "geeked up"
We gunna go smoke a geek tonight or what?

Damn I was so geeked up!
by Sexy Red 65 November 15, 2007
To get a pump or natural high off lifting weights, most likely after taking a supplement like no xplode.
"Gonna get geeked up on this one!!!!!!!"

by RonnieIsfrigginHuge October 15, 2008
to get extreamley fucked up on any prescripyion pill
Mayne im geeked up so fucking bad the walls are talking
by Justinbeotch August 26, 2006
when your on that dro'and/or drunk, also someone whose actin' dumb.
Man, come pick me up by the church so we can get geeked up.

I'm geeked up, so don't blow my high.
by Hakim Lewis May 10, 2005
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