Usually an attractive woman or girl present in geeky places and conferences to attract the attention of a geek. You can find them in places where you would last expect to find so many attractive women - career fairs at linux conferences, linux meetings/conferences.

They usually have a see-through bra, dress with nipples poking out or low cut cleavage dresses aimed to attract the virgin (talented and hardworking) geek.
Tom: Man, those chicks at Linuxworld in SF were so f**king hot, i didn't know chicks who dressed like that are into geeky stuff like i am.

Matt: You idiot, those were geekbait
by LargeTrout August 23, 2007
Top Definition
The wearing of an item deemed geeky specifically in the hopes of attracting the attention of others who are also geeky or find pleasure in the same fandom as the item you are wearing.
Ashley wore her Doctor Who shirt as geekbait in the hopes of finding others in public who were also interested in the show.

Samantha noticed Leslie's awesome Supernatural geekbait backpack and proceeded to strike up a conversation with her about their mutual love of the show.
by Fox E. Sneeze January 30, 2015
A cute, albeit somewhat nerdy, girl who geeks are innately drawn to. Hot, but also relatable.
Joe: Did you see that hot chick with the Tardis Tattoo?
Matt: total Geekbait!
by mistamarie October 26, 2012
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