'Geek', not to be confused with 'Nerd' as Geek's have less of an ability to overacheive in anything but cuteness.

'Geek Crush' - An unpredictable crush, that teenagers (male or female) often develop on people, much below their standards, or people that don't fit the normal view of attraction, often conceived on people above average weight, miles below average weight, with glasses, people above average height, below average height, with a larger interest for comics (graphic novels) or manga, or people that are abnormally shy.
Mia: I Have a total Geek Crush on Michael Cera, He's the most adorable thing since fried pancakes.

Danielle: Euw.
by Mia Mi-Who? July 13, 2011
Top Definition
Perhaps the most pathetic behavior of the modern male (esp. teenage) geek, this term refers to the tendency of male geeks to become irrationally infatuated with nearly any girl who is willing to speak to them, eben if such occurances are not really all that rare.
He thought that she was his soul-mate, but it was really just a geek crush.
by Nimrod June 26, 2004
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