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geeks in a sperical state
Catherine and Emily were laughing at the rediculous comment so much they looked like geekballs.
by catherineandemily April 01, 2011

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A game, most commonly played 1 v 1, similar to volleyball but played with a smaller and softer palm-sized ball within the confines of an office or cubicle area. Players must volley the ball back and forth while keeping the ball off the ground (any other surface is legal) and in motion.
In geek ball, there is some cooperation to the game in the hits must be returned. Due to the environment and relative lack of fitness of players, spiking is not allowed.
by Geek Ball Co-Founder August 27, 2009
It's where all the "geeks" play lightning in my gym class. It's actually juss for the ones that aren't good at shootin hoops or aren't coordinated....
Michelle and the rest of the Speech Drama and Debate people in my class all play "geek ball." It's a blast!
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003