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language that smart people (aka nerds and geeks) use, including large words most people don't use in everyday language.
The two Advanced Placement students were jabbering in geek code to a hot cheerleader but she didn't understand a word of it.
by JenJen November 11, 2003
Hacker's (not recommended also used by script kiddies or just normal geeks/freaks) way to show u with just a couple of signs what he is like and
how much he know's about IT
GIT d s+:- a-- C++ UL++++ P-- L+++ E--- W++ N++ o-- K w- O---- M+
V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP++ t-- 5++ X++ R-- tv- b++ DI D++ G- e h-- r y+
by y4y0 August 13, 2005
It's L33t 5p34K!!! ("Leet Speak" for the technilogically inept)
1 l0v3 831Ng @ 93eK.
by geek November 11, 2003
1. a clan of intellectual social rejects. these people often stick together.

2. the secret language of a single clan of nerds, uncomprehensible to people of a cooler nature.

3. the motto of our schools' chess club
1. Yo dawg, whatcha doin chillin here? you oughta go chizill with the geek code, yo

2. Damn girl! I can't understand none of that shit you sayin, you're talkin geek code!

3. On 3....1, 2, 3 GEEK CODE CHESS!WHOO
by porno for penguins November 13, 2003
Godaman'it It's l33t sp34k.
1 h8t3 831Ng @ 93eK d0 joo und3rst4nd?

by kipling January 28, 2005
A vow of celibacy sworn by two or more male social outcasts.
Dammit Poindexter, I can't believe you had sex! You broke the geek code!
by spacecowboy November 13, 2003