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Un popular people who no one likes, and who don't care because they have an IQ higher than most of the school jocks can count and because in 15 years they will be earning more than five times as much money as said jocks. (Note: This definition is not biased at all. What gave you that idea?)
The geek Jake used to make fun of in high school was on the front page, surrounded by money. Jake considered hitting him up for money, then decided to find some other way to support his heroin addiction.
by Geek April 30, 2003
Noun: An engineer of unrivaled poor talent. A combination of the game Jenga and engineer.
What friggin jengineer is responsible for XP? This OS is Janky.
by geek April 29, 2003
A skilled Counter-Strike player
cooperation | XatE
by geek September 13, 2003
Train Station is spelled "Bahnhof" in German!
ha, ha!
by Geek March 31, 2003
It's actually a real OS unlike Linux and Windoze, which are constantly being updated because they both have more bugs than a rainforest.
NetBSD does everything I want it to do.
by geek August 13, 2003
It's L33t 5p34K!!! ("Leet Speak" for the technilogically inept)
1 l0v3 831Ng @ 93eK.
by geek November 11, 2003
exclamatory way of asking someone's identity
"You fucked Paul? Whodat, bitch??" (while slapping)
by geek October 24, 2003

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