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Hacker's (not recommended also used by script kiddies or just normal geeks/freaks) way to show u with just a couple of signs what he is like and
how much he know's about IT
GIT d s+:- a-- C++ UL++++ P-- L+++ E--- W++ N++ o-- K w- O---- M+
V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP++ t-- 5++ X++ R-- tv- b++ DI D++ G- e h-- r y+
by y4y0 August 13, 2005
language that smart people (aka nerds and geeks) use, including large words most people don't use in everyday language.
The two Advanced Placement students were jabbering in geek code to a hot cheerleader but she didn't understand a word of it.
by JenJen November 11, 2003
It's L33t 5p34K!!! ("Leet Speak" for the technilogically inept)
1 l0v3 831Ng @ 93eK.
by geek November 11, 2003
1. a clan of intellectual social rejects. these people often stick together.

2. the secret language of a single clan of nerds, uncomprehensible to people of a cooler nature.

3. the motto of our schools' chess club
1. Yo dawg, whatcha doin chillin here? you oughta go chizill with the geek code, yo

2. Damn girl! I can't understand none of that shit you sayin, you're talkin geek code!

3. On 3....1, 2, 3 GEEK CODE CHESS!WHOO
by porno for penguins November 13, 2003
Godaman'it It's l33t sp34k.
1 h8t3 831Ng @ 93eK d0 joo und3rst4nd?

by kipling January 28, 2005
A vow of celibacy sworn by two or more male social outcasts.
Dammit Poindexter, I can't believe you had sex! You broke the geek code!
by spacecowboy November 13, 2003
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