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One of the best military main battle rifles ever to serve in combat. Fusil Automatico Leger. Often refered to as "the right arm of freedom".
I'm always safe as can be with my FAL by my side.
by na8 October 23, 2003
in a troublesome situation. often confused with shit creek ; one is said to be up piss creek without a paddle. unlike shit creek, piss creek should be used in only less serious situations. when possible a paddle is highly reccommend. originally piss creek most likely refered to the mississippi river.
dude 1 "if you're late for work today your gonna be up piss creek without a paddle"
dude 2 "can i borrow your piss paddle, maybe then i won't be so late"
dude 1 "sure, you'd better get paddling, or else tommorrow it'll be shit creek instead".
by na8 October 23, 2003
american indian speak for vagina
"stick it in my geed"
by na8 October 23, 2003
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