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The stain left on a pillow, sheet, pyjamas, teddy bear or side of one's face by dribbling in one's sleep.
The pillow was covered in geebles.
by zeb zotop April 16, 2010
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A shitstain that appear on a man's genitalia after having anal sex with a partner who has an unwiped anus.
"I got the geebles when I was finished with her."
by Tyler Borges September 28, 2009
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Prounounced GI (as in karate gi)- BULL

1) A skeezer; a woman who has sex with various partners.
2) A woman who sluts herself out by bragging about and/or offering sexual satisfaction to others for free.
3) A whore.
Mr. X: That chick sucked me off and hooked up with like 6 other guys.
Mr. E: Well, X, that woman is a geeble.
by Mr. Five February 04, 2006
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