A Person Who Is Extremely Good At Scaling Urban Buildings, Or Natural Rock Formations. These People Are Usually Experienced Rock Climbers, Or Involved In Parkour. These People Are Categorized By Their Large Amounts Of Energy.

Can Also Be Used To Describe A Group Of These People, Called Geckos Or Gecko When Describing An Individual Person

Guy 1:Wow, Dude Gecko Here Just Jumped Over My SUV, Damm

Guy 2: Dude Now Hes Running Up The Fire Escape, Look At Him Go!.

Geckos: Dude I Was Hanging With These Guy Who Were Doing Parkour, A Bunch Of Fucking Geckos, Dammmm

EX:A Rock Climbing Expedition
by Psyris February 10, 2010
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When you are having vaginal intercourse with a girl in the standing doggy position with her leaning against a wall, the penis is removed and thrust into her anal orifice, thus causing her to attempt to 'run' up the wall like a gecko
I gave that girl a gecko.
by Kings College September 27, 2005
A small tree lizard that can save you hundreds on car insurance.
I have a pet gecko.
Australian slang: to look at or inspect.

Based on the way geckos look at objects.
Lets have a gecko at what's on tellie.
by Crucible June 25, 2004
The small, computer generated lizard mascot for Geico. Portrayed with an Australian accent. Is a cute little bugger.
that gecko saved me hundreds on car insurance
by i love stuff December 13, 2004
the most superior organism on earth
i wish i was a gecko
by Troy December 06, 2003
A nickname for a shirt with a contrasting collar and cuffs, usually a blue shirt with white collar and white cuffs. Lee Iacocca started this fashion trend back in the 80's. This nickname developed as a result of the character Gordan Gecko wearing these types of shirt in the movie Wall Street. These shirts seem to phase in and out of style every few years.
Everyone has a Gecko in the back of their closet.
by Mr. Moo Bovine August 20, 2007
An awsome little critter that can run up walls and lick it's own eyes.

It is the mascot of Geico and can save you on your car insurance.

However, leopard geckos, the most common pet geckos, cannot stick to walls but have eyelids, something rare among geckos.
WOW! I wish I was a gecko!
by G3CK0_L0V3R February 28, 2012

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