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a popular female LSU fan who has reached her fame through myspace and posting on tigerdroppings. She is best known for her ongoing feud with a fellow poster named picc who is jealous of her relationship with "unknown"
LSU fan,Geauxgirl,lsu,myspace,girl,geaux,
by tigerdropper April 06, 2008
A popular female from New Orleans, LA who is an avid LSU and Saints fan. She is known for her loyal fan base on the LSU message board Tigerdroppings and on MySpace. The only female member of the LSU Tiger Pimp Nation and known as “EZ Diamondtrimtastic,” she is also the director of several LSU football videos on YouTube.
I saw Geauxgirl at the LSU game last Saturday.
by droppie April 25, 2008
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