The only decent M-rated game that has yet to be flooded by the high-pitched, trash talking, unbearable gaming kids of Xbox Live. The most possible cause is the fact that it is a very vulger game in a good way with large amounts of blood and exploding heads.
Dude 1: Hey man get on some Gears and lets play some horde.
Dude 2: Hell yeah we can do it on public too without dealing with little bitches!

Gears of War is the opposite of Halo 3 and Call of Duty World at War
by Way2dawn August 07, 2009
Gears of War, a fictional game created by Epic Games, for the Xbox 360, is some-what like Halo, but a tad different. It is based on Sera, not Earth, and the humans are being killed by the Locusts, who are definitely NOT aliens, however, it is unknown where they came from. (I believe that the Locusts are actually humans mutated by imulsion fumes.)

Imulsion, a fictional liquid in Gears. It is located underneath Sera, and seems similar to lava (only yellow), though what exactly it is, is never explained in the game.

Little is known about the Locusts too. All that's really known is that they look half lizard and half human (without tails).

The COGs (of War), also known as the Gears (of War), are the ones fighting the Locusts. Of course, they're human, and they're being wiped out by the Locusts.

The Carmines are a family of four brothers and a mother. In the first Gears of War, Anthony Carmine dies, and in the second, Benjamin Carmine dies. This has led many people to believe that their will be two more Gears games, one for each of the Carmine brothers.

Clay is most likely the next Carmine. His name is mentioned on Ben Carmine's COG tag collectibles.

Apparently it also believed that one of the Carmines will come back and become Super Carmine and glow blue. Yep.
It is unknown what COG stands for in Gears of War...
by Mawnzter April 24, 2009
the biggest piece of shit storyline ever seen in a modern shooter, with so much awesome gore you will think you are chuck norris on steroids
jesus may be able to walk on water, but chuck norris can swim through land

one time, marcus from gears of war and chuck norris from walker texas ranger were having a face off, and chuck norris curbstomped that bitch all the way to *insert location here*, where he was then raped by a locust on viagra
by Liggamahwang January 17, 2009
A game developed exclusively for the most expensive platform ever created, the Xbox 360. The reason the game is not available for the PS3 is because Epic wanted users to have to pay to play online, even though Microsoft is the one that gets the money. Had Gears of War been made for the PS3, it would NOT require a paid subscription to anything, users would be able to play for FREE.
Rich guy: OOOO! I cant wait to get Gears of War! Then I can give Microsoft even more money for Xbox Live.

Middle class guy: With my PS3, I dont pay a cent, not a cent, for online play.
by God Hates Xboxes December 30, 2008

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