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The highly anticipated xbox 360 exclusive that was accidentally announced april 9th 2010 on the xbox dashboard. The announcement was soon deleted but it was to late before a screen shot was uploaded on the web. Gears 3 is planned to be released April of 2011 and is a sequel to gears of war 2 from 2008. I'm hoping that it will have an even better story mode from the improved first one to second one and have the awesome multiplayer like the first one mixed with the the elements that where good in the second one and awesome new things. Gears 3 is going to be awesome.
Guy: Did you know Gears of War 3 was announced?
Dude: What?! No, way!
Guy: Yea! Go checkout the Ashes to Ashes trailer.
Dude: Oh, shit. It looks really epic.
Guy: Yea, I know.
by TheGuyThatHas7Toes April 13, 2010

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