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1.) Some good shit.
2.) Video game.
3.) Third game in Fallout series.
4.) Takes place in year 2277.
a dude: Dude, let's get on Fallout 3.
a black man: Hell yeaa.
by soulfaithful January 10, 2009
When you say, "It's not a drop, it's a floor catch!"
Girl 1: Hey, I think I wanna do color guard next year.
Girl 2: Fo shizzle mah nigga.
by soulfaithful January 10, 2009
1. sequel to Gears of War
2. video game
3. easy chainsaw kills
4. horde mode
5. bloody
a black man: ey let's get on Gears of War 2!
an asian guy: aw no man i suck at that game
by soulfaithful July 24, 2009
1.) Just simply amazing and hours of fun and happy adventures.
2.) Takes place in Skyrim, duh! Which is in Tamriel, duh!
3.) Released on an epic date of 11-11-11. Wishes come true anyone? ;]
4.) HUGE RPG game. The 5th Elder Scrolls installment after Oblivion, which was badass.
5.) A game you just can't put down. Use magic, use weapons, use dragon powers. Get married and eat apples. Kill mammoths. Capture fish in rivers. Be an assassin. Join armies. Fight skeletons. Become a vampire. Do whateva! Definitely game of the year.
skinny man: my nord is the shit
fat man: the nords are stank ass
skinny man: ur stank ass. i kick ass here in skyrim this is where i do business
by soulfaithful November 18, 2011
1.) For the true hardcore gamers
2.) Dom Dom Dom oh mahn
3.) Gameplay, graphics, design, campaign, xbox live = simply amazing.
4.) From locust to lambent to berserkers to brumaks n gunkers. da fkk izz dat? ;]
annoying guy: let's play mw3!!!!!! ima rape all these muthfuckas!
cool guy: nah man i gotta hit up that gears of war 3. thats thaa real rape.
by soulfaithful November 17, 2011
T3h ub3rly aw3s0m3 anticipated pwn4g3 game of 2007. This game rocks my socks.
WTF! Halo 3 is out?!? Nigga, get that shit now!
by soulfaithful May 17, 2007
1. sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
2. video game
3. hours of fun
4. happiness
5. 11-10-09
the guy: we gotta play some modern warfare 2 nao!
that guy: alright alright chill mang i'm getting on!
the guy: cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod
by soulfaithful November 27, 2009

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