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Strongly anti-Semitic term, although sometimes used intraracially by some Jews, to described disliked Jews within our own community. If you are Jewish, please don't use the term.

"Gazaga" is usually used to describe someone crass, vulgar and materialistic who has poor manners and little taste, and seems to exist to attract antisemitism and embarrass the Jewish community. Male "gazagas" are often small in height, hairy (esp. chest and back), sexually lewd, and socially belligerent (e.g., snipped, rude, curt tone on the phone, pushy in bus and other lines, aggressive in traffic, and often overtly racist and sexist).

Many work in the entertainment industry. Steve Lawrence in "The Blues Brothers" was cinematic depiction of a gazaga. The rude nature of the movie business is due to its being overrun not by compassionate, normal Jews, but our vicious black sheep cousin the gazaga.

Female "gazagas" are thought to be unattractive, mannish, aggressive, and undesirable. Like their male counterparts, they are pushy, crude, and mannerless, but carry additional dislikable behaviors such as a whiny Bronx-or-New Jersey accented voice, a frequently pinched, wrinkled-nosed expression (as if smelling something bad), loud speech and laughter in public, and manipulative, vengeful attitudes.

Most Jewish men unfairly and unaccurately stereotype all Jewish women as gazagas in order to feel better about dating and marrying Gentile women.

Both genders of gazagas are often seen in public doing the types of shandas all Jews end up unfairly stereotyped, suspected and punished for:

1. Holding up the line for hours at a Gentile ice cream shop interrogating the $5/hour clerk about whether the products are kosher - while wearing kippah - which they only wear in Gentile establishments to show off that they are Jewish, because gazagas do not observe Torah and do not go to shul (so why are they worried about kosher?)

2. Talking loudly in Gentile public establishments and wearing cheap, crass clothing (for the women, fake wool sweaters covered in sequins or decorated with 3-dimensional sewn-on objects such as fuzzy lambs or lame menorahs); for the men, Bermuda shorts even in winter, a hoodie at age 66, and too much gold jewelry dangling in the chest hair - blend with sandals while wearing socks

3. Nitpicking over all the prices at a sale, in public and very loudly so all normal Jews will be embarrassed (thanks a lot)

4. Examining their food at a restaurant very closely then complaining bitterly and loudly to all the wait staff, and even if the food is made perfect, nothing is good enough for the gazaga and it has to be taken back about 40 times

5. Leering at and coming on to Gentile women several decades younger than them in public (especially black women, too - those poor women) "Hey come here baby, what's the matter? Come here and sit on my lap!"

6. Being just a little too grabby over money (some is fine, but gazaga raises it to an art form)

7. Collecting crass little cheap things and festooning the entire inside of their homes with it

8. Thinking Gentiles are better but never letting them on to this fact - especially thinking Gentile women are better, and spending any amount of time, money and effort to obtain the hand of one in marriage, so the gazaga can then sport her out on the town and show her off "Look look I got a shikseh wife, I got a shikseh pregnant, admire our half secretly Jewish kids"

9. Humiliating actors, writers and other artists and generally overpopulating the creative arts industries, making up ridiculous laws and rules to keep the power and popularity of entertainment in the gazaga's hands, and making the entertainment biz hell for everyone else INCLUDING OTHER JEWS - and then manipulating to try to sleep with the shikseh actress after humiliating her


10. Pretty much everything else anti-Semites accuse the rest of us of and we don't do.

How to spot a gazaga:

Pretends to be prosemitic and will wreck a Gentile's career over the word k*ke, but sees no problem with Don Imus and others, including us, using words like sp*c and n*gger. In fact, most gazagas use both those words and worse when they are among themselves. Real Jews do not use these words.

"Margie, look: here come those two gazagas the Bensons (fake name rinsed of all Jewishness). Hide before they see us and come over."

"North Miami Beach is retired gazaga central. All the strip joints and BBQ places are full and the shuls are empty."

"When are we going to share what gazagim are with the goyim so they will stop hating us, and help us hate the gazagim?"
by Heatherofthetorah May 24, 2007
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