Well where do we start? How many 13 yr olds do you know that have a whole rural region of southern England at his very beck and call? The amount of Fuel consuming SUV's this man has is unreal, an escalade to him is as common as a wank to you and me? ahh 'but he is merely a 13 yr old kid'i hear you cry, 'he cant drive such automobiles'. You would of course be correct. Shame on you for thinkin that would even sit in the drivers seat. That job is left to his many mignons (of which i am one). Gaz on the otherhand clambers into the back of his vehicle with the aid of many a willing female volunteer who are willing to meet his every desire. As for Gaz's profession, he likes to call himself the 'PIMPIN dictator'. This is due to his ruling of the town Sturminster Newton and its many provinces. When I say rule, this dude does it in style with the aid of the affore mentioned 'Gaz Gals' and SUV's and the company of his own crew the 'Gazzians'. This is, as i said ruling in style, hence the name PimPin Dictator.
If you have yet to meet Gaz i suggest that you do, sooner rather than later, but remember to like his shoes (left first) when you greet him. Its rude not to.

All hail Gaz, King of North Dorset
Gaz: I rule
Mignons: Fo shizzle ma Nizzle
by The J.I.M.P October 26, 2004
Top Definition
Dib's little sister on the cartoon Invader Zim. She's an avid gamer, and is a bit obsessed with pizza.
Just watch 'Game Slave 2' to understand.
by Boochies August 27, 2003
From Invader Zim, Dib's scary little sister. She is obsessed with her 'Game Slave', which is the equivelant of a game boy. she loves to eat junk food, like sugary cereal and pizza. she only drinks soda. she always threatens her brother and anyone that is annoying her. she could care less about the human race and thinks Zim couldn't take over a speck of dust, let alone Earth. she also likes drawing piggies and has an army of demonic toys who feed on human flesh that act as her security system.
gaz: Dib drank the last soda, he will pay!
Gaz: Im going to pull your eyes out through your throat
Gaz: you will be plunged into never-ending nightmare worlds from which there is no return!
by Invader Alice March 09, 2008
orgasmic; really, really cool
These be some gaz ass cookies, yo!
by artsy starlet November 19, 2006
Character on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare:

Gaz, callsign Bravo Five, was a member of the British Special Air Service who was a veteran special forces operator featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He may have come from London, as his accent suggests; he also insists that after confronting and killing Victor Zakhaev, that they should arrive in London before departing to the US.
Quotes by Gaz-
"Useless wankers!"
"Nice shot, mate."
"Yeah, well, not for long they're not."
"We should just beat it out of him, sir."
"Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Now go sit in the corner."
"Nice! Your fruit killing skills are remarkable."
by zigzagelfy May 06, 2010
Male or female with a superior IQ who has trouble relating in
the real world.
Did you talk with Eric? He is a total Gaz.
by DeAnn October 08, 2007
Short for Garry.
Is it just me, or do internet forum moderators always seem to be named Gaz?
by _Ott May 29, 2016
When you are being a cunt
OI Natalie, stop being a gaz!

Sometimes Natalie, you are a complete gaz
by findingneavo January 30, 2014
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