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a very annoying person or something that is difunctional and annoying
this computer is gayness in the anus
by QUE April 02, 2005
When something bad or unwanted happens.
When his cable went out during the Super Bowl Jack exclaimed, "That's gayness in the anus".
by EME May 03, 2006
Definition 1:When something is so gay you dont even want to talk about it

Definition 2: When gay people do it
Gay people put the gayness in the anus
by Tarley April 24, 2007
I.e., gay, especially someone who is in denial or on the down-low; said of someone whose carnal urges co against his assumed role in life.
Dude, he may be married, but he has gayness in the anus.
by Mother Grogan October 26, 2009
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