Top Definition
Noun: gay homo rednecks
Is Reba McIntyre like Barbara Streisand for you gaynecks?
by ballzymofo October 20, 2011
When a man wears a V-neck T-shirt, especially in pink.
Bob: "Hey did you see Tim today?"
Billy-Bob: "Yeah he is totally wearing a gay-neck"
by stargirlXOXO December 12, 2013
A homosexual redneck
Did you check out that gay neck wearing daisy dukes and a nascar t-shirt? And why is he chasing his buttery-nipple with a natural light?
by bellie dancer November 20, 2009
noun-gayest thing you can be
Mattew was being a gayneck last night when he wouldnt let me have a drink of water.
by Joshua May 01, 2003
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