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a gay kid named omar

aka whoremar
aka bitchmar
aka dickmar
aka fagmar
Gaymar... stop giving ludshit sexual favors!

Gaymar get your hands away from your mouth you lil whoremar.

our such a gaymar...
by anonymous February 02, 2005
10 11
anything that has to do with OMAR KUNTATIVE
youre such a gaymar.
you gaymar suckout.
thtas so gaymar.
by Boris January 27, 2005
5 8
noun, adj.
origin: Jason Drake
noun, persons associating with sheer gayness, queerdism, undeniable fairiness.
adj. being stupid, acting homosexually

a hole bunch of other queers from cherokee high school, marlton nj 08053
jesus christmas your so gaymar its unbielavable.
by omar February 03, 2005
4 13