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A dislikable action. can be anything from doing a horrible dance to glaring at someone. can be used in almost every situation.
Girl 1: Do you know those two guys we just walked past?
Girl 2: You mean the ones who were just gaying at us like freaked out dogs? Yeah, I know them.
by lampshadelady June 03, 2009
2 13
To be gayed up with love in the most homosexual manner possible.
"Tom is gaying me up with love"
by Monkeybuttpadje February 17, 2003
26 10
Verb: to participate in activities primarily aimed at gay people. Most commonly used with gay clubbing.
Tonight I'm going gaying.
by fingay June 30, 2012
8 2
To gay someone, to hump or fuck someone's ass. Reguard less of gender anyone can enjoy "gaying" .
Sorry we couldn't get straight to gaying, my prescription took 30 minutes.
by NebelHex88 November 01, 2010
4 6