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some seriously dirty, smelly cock either because he never washes it or because he has fucked/masturbated etc. a few times several hours before his next shower.
As Fredrick pulled down his pants to reveal his lethal love injection Gloria passed out with the god awful stench of his hobo dick.
by cannietellye October 08, 2005
a homosexual who can have sex for many hours without feeling the strain or getting tired like some sort of machine.
Steve: "Yeah so I was having sex with Jason last night and my god he had a boner for hours, we didn't stop. He was like some sort of gaybot."
by cannietellye October 09, 2005
A gentlemens erect penis.
"Impale yourself on my love shaft Veronica"
by cannietellye October 08, 2005
a queer term that may be in the script of a low budget porn flic. a possible nickname for a man's erect penis.
Caitlin had never experienced such an orgasm like this in her life she was getting high from his lethal love injection.

Dave: "Did you fuck her last night Tim."
Tim: "Yeah I gave her her medication all right."
Dave: "Haha"
Tim: "I gave her a shot of my lethal love injection."
Dave:"Man you are so gay"
by cannietellye October 08, 2005
A closet gay someone who everyone knows is gay apart from said person.
"God! AJ is such a backstreet boy"
by cannietellye October 08, 2005
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