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The way in which gay men move their hands to point out something, or just to simpley provide emphasis for whatever the happen to be talking about. A flashy and girly way the hands of a gay male move whenever they are talking.
Tom: I think Rob's gay. When he was picking out movies at the video store, he was using his gay hands. That's a sure sign!
by WiseOldGrunt January 05, 2008
17 7
The hand of a person used in masturbation.
I haven't washed my gay hand in days.
by slopppynauledge October 18, 2012
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When you accidently touch hands with another person, it's usually awkward and saying "gay hands" usually makes it more awkward.
-hands brush against person next to you-

person 1: woah woah woah gay hands.
person 2: uhh.. this is awkward
Person 1: ....
by Samantha E Rodriguez January 05, 2009
2 5