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1) one who acts EXTREMELY homosexual
2) gay bob=1, shane=0
3) to master the art of peeling out in the ford tempo (red)('93
4) to live with your parents after the age of 40
5) to stalk ramdom waitresses at Waffle House
6) bitch of the world
7) loves the gerber
The Gatorades are up for grabs guys!

Don't worry gay bob, we were taking them anyway.
by amy3month February 07, 2004
20 29
An extremely gay male that has a hard time hiding it.
Mario Ward has to be a a gaybob, he loves it when sailors hoist him by the butt cheeks down at the docks.
by WooRaaahLiviLaaah May 09, 2005
100 12
Loves the Cock
Who is that? Oh don't worry its just gay bob, he loves the cock
by jeff February 19, 2004
45 24
One who is named Bob, Fat , Balding, With short arms, likes penis, and is extremly homosexual.
Did you see the dick drawing that GAY BOB did??
by loco huero joto September 10, 2010
8 6
An extremely gay male.
That Richard Reposa is a gaybob,he loves it when men hoist him by the butt cheeks.
by Woman LOver Faggot hater January 15, 2004
22 58