A word that can be used to substitute any other word whether it be noun, verb, adjective or interjection. When shouted it's a swear word to express extreme approval/disapproval.

Often used when something is indescribable.
"man last night was... kinda... gax."
"john is so gax"
"Gax to the Max!"
by volumptuous January 19, 2008
Top Definition
A contraption that is both axe and gun. Very complex and outdated.
When used today by hoodlums on the streets of LA, it was found to provoke very quizzical, confused but completely laughable facial expressions on it's victims. (We didn't hurt anyone. We just laughed. A lot)
I'll gax you mother fucker.
by gax May 29, 2005
A word that can mean whatever you would like it to mean, but generally it means to receive anal sex.
"Damn last night I GAXED way to hard by all those guys in that dark ally."
"Am I gay if I like to GAX?"
"I want to GAX max in the ass!"
"Can you please pass the GAX."
by Thegaxmaster October 30, 2011
substitute for the term gay; meaning stupid, unfair, annoying, and all other inappropriate uses of the term gay (barring the homosexual or happy definitions of gay)
That assembly was gax to the max!!!
by Georgette Bushe April 30, 2004
The words gay hax were combined into one, which made gax.
Example 1: WTF? Nice gax.
Example 2: WingZero is using gax!
Example 3: OMG GAX!
by [SeF]WingZero August 29, 2006
During an attempt to write "gay," should an individual make an error while writing the letter 'y' "gax" may result. If they are attempting to assert that someone or something is gay, using the word in a derogatory sense, this will cause them to appear more of an idiot than had they succeeded.
Person 1: Hey, there's something really important on this piece of paper that you should see!
Person 2: I'm "Gax"? What the hell does that mean, you daft fuckwit?
by Father Wynd May 17, 2006
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