sound made by the releasing of gases caused as a byproduct of mormons swallowing their common sense.
Danielle- "the gospel is true, (unhinges jaw, tilts head back) gaaaawwl!"
by parsec delta quantum 124 April 03, 2010
Top Definition
A disgruntled version of "Gaw!","Gawd!" and "God!"
A statement of grief often meaning, "What are you thinking?"
"What were you thinking Tom? GAWL!"
by Fez and Sword November 16, 2007
The cooler version of lawl the phonetic spelling of lol
Gawl is to lawl, as gol is to lol.
Gol means to giggle out loud, whereas lol means to laugh out loud.
Most cool people would agree that giggling occurs much more often than does laughing, which is why only cool people gol and lame people lol.

Gawl is becoming a widely used slang sensation in Scotland.

Credit - Evan Kralc - The first American to ever gawl.
"Did you hear that joke?"

-"Yeah, it made me gawl"
by 50yearoldman October 13, 2010
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