Verb- To always obtain alcoholic beverages, to spontaneously hand out alcohol, to always be overly prepared with alcohol drinks.
The only reason we invite him to everything is because he always gavins and gets us wasted
by Fred Fred Burger April 26, 2007
The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is super sweet and you will fall in love with him as soon as you set eyes on him He's tall and is really strong. He also is a star football player and is super fast. He has some freckles and has brown-reddish hair and brown eyes. He is so hot and all the girls at school want to date him. He is a great friend too, and is always there for his bros. He loves to be himself and wont take no shit from no one.
Girl- "who is that guy"
Boy- "oh thats gavin"
by mrbean23 March 28, 2013
The meaning if Gavin is a battle hawk and that is absolutely correct. Gavin is normally a somewhat tall guy with brown hair and brown eyes. He normally enjoys basketball or football. Gavin is such a sweet, amazing guy but no one can really explain why. When it comes to texting Gavin is deffinetly a charmer, but sometimes in person he doesn't have it. Gavin tends to go after girls who are brunette also and like to prove themselves. When they say a Gavin is a battle hawk they are 100% correct because he will never give up on a girl, not in a bad way. You could say he is a hunter. Gavin's end up with girls that names start with a H,S, or K. Do not let go of Gavin because you will regret it. He doesn't like people that give up easily anyways.

Did you hear Gavin likes Sarah?
No, but I wonder how long it will take her to give in to his adorableness
by Inlovemuch January 21, 2014
really sexy wedge person. with many girls chasing him around and no one messes with him. he's extremely dangerous.
here comes gavin
by ban-a-man February 19, 2011
totally sweet, preppy golfer. Hes got great looks, totally handsome, one of the best guys youll ever meet. Girls will fall in love and guys will be envious of his charm and amazing personality.
Look at him, he's such a Gavin! What a great guy!
by cheerchicacola January 09, 2011
A smart, funny, and kind guy who if you're lucky enough to have then you shouldn't him take for granted, and if he dosnt meet your standards then tell him and he'll change to be whatever you want because he just cares that much.
You're so lucky to have Gavin, I wish I could.
by Purplepumpkin4576 October 16, 2013
To jizz into a girls nose while having intercourse and have it go from her nose to her mouth
Dude I gavined her last night and she could not breath
by Ghommey June 10, 2014
A unit of time measuring the amount of time it takes a person to do a drug, experience the high, and return to normal. Varies from person to person and drug to drug.
-With weed my gavin is approxametly 2 hours.
-With acid my gavin is 8 hours, but feels like 3 days
by Comfort eagle April 16, 2014

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