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Irish word meaning drinking an alcoholic beverage! It is the general pastime of most teenagers in ireland!lol
gat=alcoholic drink
1st person: "Come gatting tonight by willa?"
2nd person: "Aright so by."
by xxkrissxx September 07, 2007
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Slang word used for drinking or underage drinking in Tralee
are u going gatting bah?

do you ever go gatting?

wanna go gatting saturday?
by martin o shea September 03, 2007
To "chat" on Google chat.
Today my coworkers and I were Gatting and placing bets on the over/under for how many people will be annoying assholes and "Reply-All" to the latest email that was sent to the entire company.
by She-Ra, Princess of Power August 23, 2012

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