Shortening of the title of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, 'The Great Gatsby,' a book about the unattainable dream.

Something awesome, cool, nifty.
1. Educated Reader: I really enjoyed 'The Great Gatsby' and its discussion of yearning.

2. This show is gatsby!
by Megan August 31, 2004
Top Definition
a synonym for cool, swanky, or just generally off the hizzle
Nick D: "Yo, let's go to Il Teatro."
Nicholas D: "Yeah, that place is pretty gatsby."

Joe: "Did you ever read The Great Gatsby?"
Bob: "Yeah, that book is hella gatsby. Thanks for being in it, Jay."
Jay Gatsby: "No problem guys. Alright, let's go get mad Hemingway. I'm jonesing for a Martini."
by Nicholas D November 11, 2003
A haircare range.
Known for it's "Moving Rubber" hair styling wax range
Gatsby: Moving Rubber || Spikey Edge
by Denan27 August 30, 2008
Adjective; meaning excessively extravagant, cool, stylish. Giving off swagger. Based off the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby.
I'm feeling a little Gatsby today.

He's looking rather Gatsby tonight.
by P. Knile Plasty April 28, 2013
A South African fast-food meal, made up of a big gatsby roll (large baked unsliced bread), and filled with either polony, viennas, ham or steak (any meat really) and chips (french fries), salads and sauces (of your choice...ketchup, chilli, etc).....a fantastic ending to night of drinking and partying!! Can be bought at most local take-away shops.
Trevor: Man this jol was klopping tonight!I'm so hungry now though.
Redewaan: I smaak a steak gatsby. You guys with me?
Peter: I want the middle piece. No no! I already said it! I already said it!
Trevor: Dammit Pete, you're such a vraat!!
by Serpent Tongue August 31, 2006
that overwhelming feeling when something is audacious, impressive, yet utterly superficial and indeed pointless...

it also also useful in defining something which is very funny but a little self-indulgent, attention seeking, or plain eccentric

useful reference points would be the parisian boutique on rue st honore - 'colette' or wallpaper magazine perhaps

monacle magazine is also WELL gatsby

'oh my god this hotel is WELL gatsby'

'look at all this gatsby shit'

'she walked in wearing THE most gatsby outfit imaginable'

by 'theui July 22, 2008
an undefinable feeling resulting in shouting a lot, bliss
that is well gatsby, he's a right gatsby punter
by absolutement July 11, 2008
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