a liquid that can, when contained within an aluminum can and smashed against a level surface with signifigant force, create a substantial spray radius of about three lunchroom tables.
Damn, did you see Coffee smash that gatorade can today at lunch? It really pissed off Mr. Nichols...Coffee's in deep shit now.
by Flicka the White May 03, 2005
Water, just in assorted colors. Also the shittiest drink known to man besides any organic anal fluid extract.
Gatorade, is it in you?
by LFAdd May 19, 2007
a code name for PCP
yo, you think you could get me some gatorade this weekend?
by Andrew Vilchez May 06, 2004
booze, or other alcoholic beverages or to commit the act of drinking alcohol
-hey dude, lets go get some gatorade
-Wanna gatorade tonight?
by Ghetto-B March 27, 2005
A disgusting drink that everyone likes and which you need to recover from hangovers.
I didn't know where I was when I woke up, but I knew I needed a Gatorade
by Eat NY Pizza and D***s October 29, 2003

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