A sports drink that I love. It has sugar and minerals, so its both addicting and good for you.

Anyone who doesn't like it is just an unathletic nerd.
I'm drinking "CoolBlue" Gatorade right now.


by go20orange March 14, 2006
A drug users best friend. You ever wonder why so many addicts are caught with a gatorade in hand? Helps with the drip, helps you from not throwing up (low sugar).
I drank gatorade a lot when I got high.

Gatorade and methadone = yum.
by L0VE August 03, 2008
best drink in the whole entire world. if you ask me, lemon-lime is the best flavour.
here's a dollar twenty-five now STFU and go buy me a gatorade
by snootch87 March 01, 2005
What gators drink.. Idiot. Why did you even bother looking this up
A thirsty gator grabs a bottle of Gatorade and replenishes his electrolytes with a sweet taste of berry. Mmmm.
by Matcross2344089245908210587u20 March 02, 2009
When the object of a game is to put something in a net (ball, puck, etc.), going "Gatorade" is to place the object in the net at a point where it will hit the goalkeeper / goaltender's Gatorade bottle and knock it off the top of the net.
Hey, Roysie - did you see Marleau's sick-naasty shot last night? He pulled a leg fake and went backhand Gatorade on Luongo!
by burgsabre87 May 08, 2010
Actually invented by an FSU team doctor, Dr. R.A. Johnson, for the football team in 1962 he called Seminole Firewater.
FSU Alumni: "Hey did you hear that FSU made the first drink similar to Gatorade called Seminole Firewater"?

UF Alumni: "Yea, I heard about that. UF just patented the drink but we have to thank FSU for creating it first".

by FSU student December 27, 2008
when you see a hot girl who can quench your thirst for booty
Damn there is a lot of gatorade around here

by beastieboy20 September 26, 2006
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