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Those who cut throug a gas station driveway to avoid a red light.
Look at that gasshole cutting through...What a jerk!
by George Manix March 21, 2006
The asshole that cuts you off to get the last pump at the gas station.
When you're pulling into the last available pump and some prick driving a blue ford focus cuts you off and you are left to wait until a pump clears up. "What a GASSHOLE!!!"
by GingerH8r August 12, 2008
This defines anyone who has hogged so much needless space next to the pump they are using that it prevents me from using the pump behind them. This also defines anyone who after pumping gas leaves their car there to go into the store while I sit behind you...waiting to pump gas.
This guy is really going into the store now after pumping gas WITHOUT moving his car? What a gasshole.
by BionicKid May 24, 2014
when guys from out of state that work for the gas companies or the oil fields come up to ur home state/town and fuck around with all these girls leading them on and saying there single or married in there home state and it doesnt apply to where they are now. and there assholes that dont care about anything except getting a piece of ass and they dont care what they have to say or do to get it. there for making them gassholes.
that guy is such a gasshole
by lexx23 December 16, 2012
the person who pulls up to the gas pump and forgets what side their gas tank is on.
Before he filled up his car with gas for the first time, I told Joe to make sure he knew what side his tank was on so he wouldn't pull up to the wrong pump and look like a gasshole...
by asbqueen March 14, 2011
Someone who turns into an asshole when they think they are wasting gas. The opposite of a gas guzzler.
He said he didn't want to waste gas giving me a ride to my friends house, he asked me why they couldn't pick me up, he's such a gasshole.
by Swal O. Miload July 19, 2013
Someone who purposely forces GAS out their ASSHOLE just to annoy you.
J. Thompson likes to fart next to me when I am having lunch, because he is a gasshole!
by Nelson Diep March 12, 2009
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