A unique ethnicity that is best described by imaging the blend of a red-haired, caucasian with a light skinned African American.
Bake Griffin is a gasser
by josephN May 21, 2013
Top Definition
A modified closed car or rat rod that competes at drag races.
There's gonna be a gasser war at the dragstrip tonight! Don't miss it!
by kopper November 12, 2006
Noun. Race or other high-performance car that runs on regular octane gas from a standard commercial pump. Unlike fueler or fuelie, which runs on high-octane gasoline or methane, also know in drag racing as top fuel.
He tore up ashphalt in his gasser.

His gasser does low 11s in the quarter.
by David Sclothe November 28, 2007
Someone of German or Austrian nationality or descent
It's hard for Germans to shake that association with gassing millions of people to death

He was proud of his Austrian background but people still thought he was just a gasser

She thought she was so liberal with her "multi-culti" schtick but we all knew from her German accent that she was a gasser whose parents were full fledged Nazi's.
by jtt July 07, 2012
Breaking wind gone toxic
Granny let out a gasser that done chocked us all up.
by BlossomBaby December 23, 2013
To let out a quick fart and then let everyone know imedietly that you just farted.
(*fart*) Gasser!
by rick March 07, 2004
Someone who is always behind the eightball. Comes from the expression "to be gassed", i.e. to be out of breath.
Detroit's Big Three are real gassers. (The cars they produce guzzle gas and their management is clueless about how to compete.)
by Anton Chigurh December 04, 2008
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