a gay ass hole
"that gas hole
by smith johnson the 3rd April 11, 2009
(n) an inconsiderate lout with chronic flatulence
Don't fart on my head, you gashole!
by BeardedFatass January 20, 2004
The opening to the gas fillpipe of an automobile.
That idiot left the gas pump nozzle in his SUV's gashole just pumping away while he went into the store to buy ciggies. I guess that he can't read the instructions on the pump.
by James Cox September 25, 2006
someone who talks constantly and usually never says anything of significance or importance
I wish Arthur would shut up and go away. He's such a barking gashole!
by teknopro July 15, 2005
anyone who thinks that lighting their farts through their pants is a humorous stunt.
When those fraternaty boys eat beans and get real drunk, they can sure be real gasholes !!!
by Mo Jo Workin' July 16, 2005
1. When somebody (usually a male youth in the presence of other male youths) uses a cigarette lighter to light a fart and their pants/bottom actually appears to catch fire.

2. Natural Gas, gas from their hole (arsehole).
That jock wasn't so cocky once his arsehole caught alight.
by sexyer1 August 05, 2005
Another term for your asshole. A hole in which gas is expelled.
Catch of whiff of what came out of my gashole.
by The Zeppelin January 15, 2005

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