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Title of a 2008 documentary film.
"GasHole" is a new documentary film about the history of oil prices and the future of alternative fuels.
by Upaj Os April 10, 2008
The cheapskate driving in front of you going way under the speed limit just to get another 1mpg better fuel economy, despite the fact that there is a half mile long line of cars backed up behind him.
"Hey gashole, doesn't that Prius get good enough fuel economy without going 10mph below the speed limit? You're gonna' make me late for work."
by Mr.Scopes February 01, 2010
An arrogant, inconsiderate, or dangerous driver, particularly the kind who ignores or harasses cyclists & pedestrians (a merging of gas & asshole). Basically someone who has an inflated ego because they have a car and you don't. Not reserved for any one gender

(In extreme cases, may even be hostile & disrespectful to people who don't have their particular kind of motor vehicle: bus drivers, cab drivers, pick-up truck people, etc. In this case, the expression may be modified to "bushole," "truckhole," or "cabhole," as appropriate.)
"I had the walk signal, and THREE of these gasholes cut me off in succession! By the time they were gone, I couldn't cross!"
by The Urban Husky October 30, 2011
A gay asshole.
Did you hear about Rando? What a gashole.
by Dr. Dooby June 19, 2010
another word for anus.
gas=fart comes from the butthole, so it's a gashole.
Tucker: Dude, I just ripped one. farted
Julie: Man that stinks! What crawled up your gashole and died?
by prettywitty April 18, 2010
A person who spouts large quantities of carbon dioxide because they talk too much.
David: Hey Lydia, aren't you supposed to be out with Carl tonight?
Lydia: No, I turned him down. He's such a gashole, he might as well date himself.
by B. Keene August 11, 2009
Someone who shows characteristics of being jewish when it comes to gas. these people commonly pass up going places because hey do not want to "waste gas". They can usually be found in the passenger seat of a friends car.
Ryan passed up going fishing because he didn't want to waste gas on the way to the lake, What a Gas Hole.
by jenco4bmx July 16, 2009