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Noun/Verb Meaning a "boner" or erection.
Tommy: "Are you sporting a Gary-D?"

Joesph: "... Maybe.."
by Harem Spotter January 08, 2012
Verb; it means: screwed up a very easy task. Originated from the 1999 NFC Championship between the Vikings and Falcons where Gary Anderson missed the game winning kick after not missing a single kick all year.
Oh God, I really gary'd on that shot didn't I?
by C-Money$$ February 06, 2010
To slap ones face due to a nervous twitch, excitement or failure.
He messed up, so he Gary'd himself.

He over talked while his boss was trying to talk, so he Gary'd himself.

That rendering is nice, so he Gary'd himself due to great enthusiasm and eagerness.
by Guillermo Rodriguez January 08, 2014