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Popeye (the sailors) pronounciation of the word "gosh".
"Oh my garsh. Olive Oil's in trouble!"
by Kirk J. Landow September 30, 2006
it's meant to be sounded out comically. if u say it out loud u will find yourself kindof immitating 'Goofy'!
''I was just kidding, garsh!! You dont have to be so garsh darn mean!!''
by kychic14 July 31, 2006
exclaimation, shock, disbelif. used like "gosh"
per Dixie
You did what "Oh my Garsh?!"
by rhebus April 16, 2006
Exclamation which is non-offensive and slightly lame
(pron. GAAAR shhh)
Mr X "Is that your car that an elephant just sat on?"
My Y "OH, GARSH!!!"
by Daminn Oakley August 15, 2008
A word meaning "crap", "jeez", "come on", "sheesh", or "argh".
Ashley says gursh...I mean, what the crap is that? Garsh!
by MacSawD November 02, 2005
The act of stealing something specifically out of anothers car, however can be at a party, out of locker rooms at school, and other random occurances in which you may come up.
You guys tryin to garsh?

Lets go garsh the parking lot
by Garsher December 12, 2009
word meaning the jeeze or come on god. CUt the shit man.
Shut the fuck up guys your so gay garsh
by Jahova Witness man January 14, 2005
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