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from the word : gar·rote or gar·rotte (g-rt, -rt)
a. A method of execution formerly practiced in Spain, in which a tightened iron collar is used to strangle or break the neck of a condemned person.
b. The iron collar used for such an execution.
a. Strangulation, especially in order to rob.
b. A cord or wire used for strangling.
tr.v. gar·rot·ed or gar·rot·ted, gar·rot·ing or gar·rot·ting, gar·rotes or gar·rottes
1. To execute by garrote.
2. To strangle in order to rob.

The 18 bodies discovered by U.S. troops in western Baghdad late on Tuesday had all been garroted and had their hands bound with plastic ties, police and hospital officials said.

by YSG March 08, 2006
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