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n. The accumulation of lint, dead skin, semen, bugs, etc. in the crack between the leg and the genitals
I had to pay that whore an extra $10 to lick up my legma
by wickerman February 01, 2006
Short for Pointdexter. A "nerd" or know-it-all.
Man, that Mathematics major is such a poiny!
by wickerman November 08, 2004
Calls her/himself an opportunist ( In a way that s/he is saving her/himself for the right time) but s/he is actually a Procrastinator
Lucas is a procrastinator
by Wickerman October 10, 2013
v. to choke an advesary by wrapping your or another's cock around their neck.
"Bitch! Don't Make me find a 9 inch cock to garotte you with!"
by wickerman August 16, 2004
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