Describes a being who believes he is up with technologys latest gadgets and gizmos, and could possible relate to making a car look more fancy with add ons etc
Did you see the Garks new phone it is the newest model?


That Ford focus must belong to a gark.
by Gary cook December 07, 2003
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The word is a universal word that can be substituted to mean anything you want it to be whether you wan tto use it as a noun verb adj etc
That movie was so gark.
She is totally garkalicious.
You guys stop acting so gark.
by big Mike Plano October 09, 2006
Gark mean a 'customer' in Pakistani slang. Mostly used by British Pakistani drug dealers.
Link the 'gark' in that alleyway.

Is that a 'gark' ringing.
by gark October 19, 2012
when your dick herts from wanking to long
dave had been wanking for days and his dick felt like it was on fire

dave seid " ow shit ive gark ed it
by dddgg March 13, 2010
An onomatopoeia meant to represent the noise a female (or perhaps a male) makes during the act of fellatio and takes in more than they can handle (deepthroating, in other words). It can be used in several tenses.
Male: "Baby if you keep sucking me like that I'm gonna take you to Red Lobster for cheddar biscuits"

"I hope there's chicks at the bar, I'm tryin' to get garked tonight."

"Sup girl, you tryin' to gark?"

"Fuck you, buddy"
"Gark me."
by distresspattern March 10, 2010
gark is the sound of choking on a dick
Lemon Whore: gark gark grghk gark gah
by francis ford coprolalia January 09, 2010
To throw up/ spew To be sick, vomit
I was out at a mates on the piss the night before & drank a shit load of bourbon, the next day I was so crook I had gark more then once...
by Lyndog July 05, 2009

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