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A kind of drink invented in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which is not so much an alcoholic beverage as it is a super freakiy psychodelic fucked up halucinatory headtripping cocktail from some hydrophile's wet dream. After drinking it, it is said that you experience the sensation of having your brain smashed out of your skull with a slice of lemon and then wrapped around a brick of gold.
*Drinks a gargleblaster*

UHHHH! Why did I do that!? WHYyyy is EVerYthing BRIGHT? GoDAmmIt, StoP MOvinG your TENTacLES!
by Kerik July 12, 2006
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Hey, are you going to see the Gargle Blasters?

I dunno, where are they playing?

At Loretta's.

Oh. Yeah! That's in South Park.

I know. It sucks they took out the bridge.
by Doc Maynard November 14, 2010
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Used in reference to a strong alcoholic beverage, or a good blow-job.
That was one damn good gargleblaster.
by Shaolin Gumbo November 25, 2003
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