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Basically, quite a lot.
The amount of hatred I have towards you, in micro millilitres, is gargantuan.
by Ame December 08, 2005
(n.) when you're standing in a crowded subway car and you very discretely ejaculate on the back of the head of someone who is seated.
"I was in a bad mood earlier today, but I gave an old lady a pocket yarmulke on the train and now I feel much better."

by ame November 13, 2005
Capital city of NSW, Australia. Very inferiour to Melbourne, capital city of Victoria.
Sydney has become very infatuated with AFL since its rep team, the Sydney Swans, won the AFL's highest team honour, the Premiership Cup. Previously, Sydney hated AFL. Could only get its own football team when one of Victoria's couldn't make a enough money to keep going. got draft and trade concessiond, like Brisbane, to keep going. That is why both teams are such powerhouses (or former powerhouses) when it comes to football. We've just gotta wait a couple of seasons for a victorian team, (eg Melbourne, Collingwood, Richmond, Hawthorn) to show them exactly where the games real supporters are.
Basicly, Sydney is a complete rip-off of Melbourne. They are fake football supporters!
Go Demons!
by Ame November 12, 2005

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