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1. To have intercourse in a public place, ex. park, bench, dirt, school hallways, etc.

2. To get with scummy girls
"Wow, he just garber'd her in the park!"
by Embro111 February 04, 2010
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Anyone who wears a strap-on.
You see that garber wearing a strap-on.

What a queer, must be a garber.
by sportsmangi April 13, 2011
garber (verb): to deliberately misspell someone's name in response to that person's misspelling of your name

Derived from the word garble.
What, he addressed you as Erik in his e-mail even though your signature clearly says Eric?? you should totally garber that jerk!
by OnlyatBrandeis January 16, 2013
a Garber is one who rocks out with their cocks out. also known as cradle robber (i.e. see ludt)
2. a wise and noble clerk. 3. bloodline of royalty with a "magic" stick.
a shrewd administrative sensed being who comes from a long line of royalty. Legend has it that a true "Garber" is know for robbing cradles and ruling with a "magic" stick.
Ageless and timeless being
by wangus maximus 1 January 31, 2008
A girl who is tall and too skinny.
Wow, that girl is a total Garber. She needs to put on some wieght.
by Rupert P. Williamson October 15, 2007

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