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a slutty broad used as a recepticle by more than one guy at the same time.
do i really need an exaple?
by sick December 15, 2003
a phrase that is used when referring to raunchy, inappropriate anal sex
"Hey, last night I put my monstah' in her garbage can!"
by Green Monstah' March 08, 2007
A term for someone's anis that is being used for other purposes than natural bodily functions. The term is typically used for those that do this quite often and with different partners or inannimate objects.
It describes how the ass, what is supposed to be a used for dumping, is mostly used for something being dumped into it.
Tommy has such a dirty garbage can, everyone and everything has been up in him.

Dude, I donno if you want to get up in her garbage can, it's full if stink!
by Easton October 06, 2005
The place where famous dicks such as Nash Grier, Justin Bieber, Robin Thicke and Iggy Azalea live.
Kid: Daddy, Where do good people go when they die?
Dad: To heaven, of course.
Kid: And bad people?
Dad: To.. *whispers* The garbage can..
*Kid kills himself*
by lulilinda January 11, 2015
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