particularly awesome genre of music originating in the early to mid sixties concurrantly in england and america, and consequently spreading all over the world within a few years. Characteristics include: ridiculously crunchy fuzz guitar, simple stomp drumbeats, creepy vox / farfisa organ riffs, simple song structure, pissed off adolescent punk attitude. Straddles the line between british invasion style pop and seventies punk. WICKED AWESOME.
The Standells, the Music Machine, and The Chocolate Watchband are some awesome American garage bands.

My favorite foreign garage bands are The Creation, The Zipps, and Los Bravos.
by me January 08, 2005
Top Definition
French word for car hold.
Ze terrorists.. zay give me ze humm vee taken from ze american troops, but zhes so beeg zhe does not fit in ze garage.
by Alfie The Horndog August 19, 2005
An electronic music genre indigenous to London. Characteristic of having deep bass lines and incredibly paced and sometimes incomprehensible ragga style emceeing.
The Streets, Oxide & Nuetrino, MC Dynamite
by Ras Juan October 04, 2003
A womans vagina
(Before sex)
Man:I hope your garage is big enough because I'm parking my camper(penis) and the kids(sperm)are coming out to play.

Woman: I just expanded last week.
by Dingo Berry July 15, 2008
A Canadian clothing brand which a majority of girls buy their clothes from.
girl 1- Hey, you wanna go shopping?
girl 2- Only if we're gonna stop by that new Garage that just opened.
by k00ky_KaT March 24, 2006
A stealthy place to smoke weed, or the act of smoking weed.
I'm planning to visit the garage after dinner.

I spent all day Saturday tinkering in the garage.

We should garage before we go to the party.

I accidentally went too deep into the garage and was afraid to answer the phone.

I'm running low on garageables.
by ilovecute January 15, 2014
(Ga-ra-je "southern accent") Lippy, loose, and, repeatedly hit vagina.
I know she sees lots of guys because she has a Garaĝe.

When I hit it at first it was tight, but, now it is a full-blown garaĝe.
by Jrizzo123 July 26, 2011

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