a place to store all of your unneaded, yet awesome CRAP without your wife noticing...
honey, why do you have a picaxe, jackhammer and inflateable pool in th e garage?
by madhooliganxo May 20, 2009
particularly awesome genre of music originating in the early to mid sixties concurrantly in england and america, and consequently spreading all over the world within a few years. Characteristics include: ridiculously crunchy fuzz guitar, simple stomp drumbeats, creepy vox / farfisa organ riffs, simple song structure, pissed off adolescent punk attitude. Straddles the line between british invasion style pop and seventies punk. WICKED AWESOME.
The Standells, the Music Machine, and The Chocolate Watchband are some awesome American garage bands.

My favorite foreign garage bands are The Creation, The Zipps, and Los Bravos.
by me January 08, 2005
Musical style, primitive rock'n'roll, made by suburban bands who practice in their garage, Particularly refers to obscure bands from the 1960s, as featured on compilations such as the "Pebbles" series. Has been in use since the mid-1970s at least.
John Kerry played guitar in a garage band as a teenager.
by Murray Abisch January 11, 2005
Genre of music made by white suburban kids in the sixties trying to emulate the rockin' rhythm & blues of the time. So called because it was practised in the garage.
The sound was raw and raucous and continues in one form or another to this very day. Also known as garage punk or sixties punk.
That brainless dance music aint garage! The sixties punk of The Sonics is garage!
by Thee Red Monkey June 01, 2006
a girls pussy usually waiting for a "car"
I want to park my car in your garage.
by dengdong January 13, 2006
A place to party at. From the latin "Go Rage". Whenever you are here you must be gettin sleazy
We should to go to the garage to do "you know what"
by ramona666 June 10, 2013
When a girls legs open on command. As in a garage door opener.
Man, that girls a damn garage!
by AJP59 January 13, 2013

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