A vagina. Used to refer to a woman or the female species. Can also be used on your male friends in place of "pussy" or any other terms that refer to female genitalia.
Look at those fucking Gapes over there. Or...bartender give me another round and send one over to the Gapes on me. Or...well boys I'm going home to pound the old Gape. Or...I banged this chick last night and her fucking gape was huge.
Well you see, it's a short form for "gay ape", used to make fun of the people who would say "Booyah" (cuz thats pretty gay, and it sounds like a retarded ape).
You're such a gape.
by BillyBobJoe January 22, 2003
Gay rape. Term is made by putting together the words 'Gay' and 'Rape'
Louis loves to be gaped by Blake
by Blake Ryanhart July 29, 2011
1. Noun derived from the terms Gay (N)and Rape(N,V), Gay-Rape
2. Verb To Gay-Rape someone
-ist Noun someone who Gay-Rapes people
-ing Verb Act of Gay-Rape
1. Duncan likes gape
2. Duncan likes to gape
-Duncan is a Gapist
-Duncan is Gaping me
by El' Psyxe August 30, 2004
Word used to describe an extremely awful situation you unexpectedly wound up in (sometimes due to either bad luck or poor judgement or choice), that you are unable to get out of.

2. Extremely horrible circumstances 3.Wrong place at the wrong time
"I can't believe we let them talk us into driving all the way down here with them. I'm so bored. This is totally gape."
by mrmcracken April 26, 2010
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