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An adjective used to descibe a person's dress style which is bland, palid, and shows no originality or flair, and most likely involes an overload of khaki,often induced by workplace dresscode. Gap+apathetic.
"All of Gary's clothes look the same, the guy needs to throw in some color and quit being so gapathetic."
#unoriginal #boring #bland #tasteless #depressing
by emily nonyabidness July 10, 2008
adj. less than dynamic apparel or ensemble; used most effectively in regard to unnecessary amounts of cop-out neutrals, with emphasis on cargo khaki and military-toned tees.
tom: anna, we're going to the oscars; don't you have anything more appropriate?
anna: yeah, but i couldn't decide. besides, you can't go wrong with powder blue and bootcut khaki's, right?
tom: when did you become so gapathetic?
anna: . . . what if they were cords?
#gap #clothing #fashion #style #faux pas
by titanicpony March 18, 2008
One who does not care that the Gap is a major sweatshop abuser that exploits those in Third World countries by paying them the tiniest wage possible while the companies makes millions.
She was completely gapathetic about her new t-shirt from the Gap with the logo emblazoned on her chest.
by wakingdreams January 16, 2005
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