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A cross between a gash and a cunt
Our mate Andy Par-Kay is a proper GANT!
by Dayvid March 25, 2005
Stupid, dumb, idiotic, weird, white

This term is used by the people of the Six Nations Territory to refer to something that is stupid, or to insult somebody. When used as an insult, this term refers to somebody who acts white, acts caucasian, or acts like they are not from the Six Nations Territory (people of the Six Nations Territory have a beautiful brown native complexion).

It is theorized that this term stems from a Cayuga word (one of the Six Nations languages) which means white. The word is pronounced like "gantgant", but is written using symbols not found on ordinary fonts.
This restaurant is gant, lets go to a different one

Holy heck she acts gant

I'm not his friend because he's always acting gant
by SixNay July 16, 2009
A 'Gant' is something that happens continuously, and won't stop.
In roullette "My god the wee white ball keeps landing on black, it is going on a major gant."
by AndrewRedman May 31, 2009
another word for a nasty pussy
Could you believe all that work and she had a hairy Gant.

Gant what a waste that was busted yo!
by toonga February 13, 2008
Adj. A very skinny person who thinks he or she has unstoppable game when he or she does not. This person is likely to perform the following actions: taking creatine to get big and/or stealing clothes from stores by wearing them under their street clothes
You are such a gant for trying to weas steal those clothes.
by easymoney4444 April 04, 2010
To squirt saliva from under your tongue. Gant, gantting, gantted.
After eating that lemon drop, I gantted and covered the rear view mirror.
by Quicksdraws April 08, 2008
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